Our puppies are whelped in our bedroom and stay there for several weeks. They are handled and loved on everyday, nails clipped weekly. We paper train them and while they will not be perfect at a young age...they are socialized and well on their way to being responsible little citizens.

There are many things that contribute to a price of a dog. All of our foundation stock is from champion bloodlines, generations from top kennels in this country and Europe. With purchase prices from $1200 to $3500 a piece plus hand to hand delivery; our initial investment has been daunting, but a labor of love.

We examine, evaluate and try to determine to future prospects of a puppy but it is not an exact science. Charts to determine adult size based on the birth weight or milestones are conflicting and unreliable. They are only a guide. So since we breed for health, bite, legs, structure, form and beauty, we can't also guarantee that a dog will not go over the AKC 6 pound restriction for showing. If you have a beautiful sound female that goes over the weight? Then you have a great dog for breeding. In any event; you have a beautiful, healthy pet for your enjoyment. Believe me, no breeder can promise size. We try, but Mother Nature wins out.

Every effort is made to ensure healthy puppies. We neuter and rehome (at the cost of neutering and teeth cleaned) any dogs that would not or are not producing show quality puppies. Their price is around $500 (that covers the vet cost). Feel free to ask about these dogs, they are beautiful pets.  Our pet quality puppies run $1000  and up, show quality puppies usually run $2000 and up, tinys more (they require much more care in the first 10 weeks). This is also not an exact science, but I will give you an honest opinion as to the quality of the dog. Please do not contact me if I an outside your price range.

All of our dogs are vet checked for every possible illness and genetic flaws. That also is not an exact science. When all is said and done? Chihuahuas are small and delicate, but I don't breed for tiny so my dogs are of substantial bone and health. We breed dogs from free bred and free whelped mothers who nursed their babies. It is our goal to produce dogs who are dogs of sound mind and body. 

Browse our puppy pictures and E-mail or call for further information. Please do not contact me if I am outside your price range. I will not sell to pet shops or puppy mills.
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